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Games Coming Soon...

Post by ATF_Max » Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:18 pm

Hey there are some games coming out in the next year that I cant wait to get. I thought Id share them with you all.

My #1 pick is Titanfall.
~ All information was cited from ( Release Date is 2014 )

Crafted by one of the co-creators of Call of Duty and other key developers behind the Call of Duty franchise, Titanfall is among the most highly anticipated games of 2014, having been shrouded in mystery for nearly three years. The visionaries at Respawn have drawn inspiration from their proven experience in first-person action gaming, and are building on that pedigree by taking a new approach to game design and creating an all-new universe with Titanfall.

Fast-Paced Advanced Combat

The advanced combat techniques of Titanfall give you the freedom to fight your way as both elite assault Pilot and fast, heavily armored Titan.

[i]- Game Informer[/i] wrote:The Titan moves with speed and grace normally reserved for general infantry and handles like an extension of the Pilot himself, holding a weapon in a first-person view.

The Future of Online Multiplayer

Introducing the experience that combines fast-paced multiplayer action with the dramatically charged moments of a cinematic universe.

[i]- Game Informer[/i] wrote:A next-generation competitive multiplayer title that blurs the lines between traditional online shooters and single-player campaign.

[i]- Game Informer[/i] wrote:A brave new vision of the future of multiplayer games.

About Respawn Entertainment

Founded in 2010, Respawn Entertainment is an independent videogame development studio based in Van Nuys, California. The studio was formed by Vince Zampella and Jason West, former co-founders of Infinity Ward and two of the co-creators of the multi-billion dollar franchise Call of Duty™. More information about the company is available at

YouTube's TitanFall Page See The Videos!

Some pretty cool videos here =>
~ I like the way you can rip the player out of the Titan and through him so cool.


My #2 pick is Call of Duty®: Ghosts
~ All information was cited from ( Release Date is 11/5/2013 )

New Engine

From maps and modes, to animation and audio, to who you are as a player — this is the biggest overhaul of multiplayer since the original Modern Warfare®. Things like Sub-D, Displacement Mapping, Real-Time Lighting, and Dual-Rendering tech gives us the ability to build the most visceral gameplay experience we've ever created. And at 60 frames-per-second across all platforms, there is nothing like Call of Duty Multiplayer.

Dynamic Map Events

We're immersing players in the multi-player maps in ways similar to what we've done cinematically in single-player, while adding new ways to play and interact with the environments in a meaningful way. So we've introduced new interactive elements and player triggered events that make the maps evolve as the match goes on. There's a huge range here. From player-triggered traps to map-changing killstreaks, the entire landscape can shift and require new tactics and strategies.

Tactical Movements

Call of Duty®: Ghosts has redefined how you move through the world.
  • * A new contextual lean system now allows you to lean around obstacles without adding button combinations.
    * A new mantling system allows you to move fluidly over objects, while not losing momentum.
    * The knee slide allows you to naturally transition from sprinting to crouch to prone.

Audio Design

A completely revamped audio design featuring an ADSR-based reverb system, reactive emitters and locational battle chatter gives you a more immersive experience.


In Call of Duty®: Ghosts you don't just create a class, you create a soldier. Choose the head, body type, head-gear and equipment, and you can even create a female soldier for the first time. With over 20,000 possible combinations, you can create the soldier you've always wanted. And each soldier you create will also have his or her own load outs.

Perks System

The new Perks system has more perks than ever before. Every perk has a value from 1 to 5, and you have 8 points to allocate. So for example, choose 4 perks each valued at 2 points a piece, or even 8 perks, each valued at 1. You could also choose to get rid of your secondary weapon and get up to 11 perks.

Kill Streaks

There are over 20 NEW Kill Streaks in Call of Duty®: Ghosts — such as Juggernaut Maniac, Helo-Scout, Vulture and the ODIN Strike. You can even bring in Riley, from the single-player campaign, as your guard dog to warn you when enemies are near, and to attack enemies if they get too close.


Squads introduces a whole new level of competition to Call of Duty. We've taken the best parts of the Multiplayer experience and combined that with a vastly improved AI and our new mechanic of creating your own squad-mates. All the hard work you've put into customizing, playing, and prestiging your squad can now be put to use on a brand new playing field.

Call of Duty Ghost YouTube Page
Check out the new engine looks really good. See the video's here => ... jBtongDF6L

Hope everyone enjoyed this information I cant wait till these come out! :)

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