AKA: MAMA*The*Man*Slayer & @}>-->---

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The Peach+ pack is a set of 10 skins. This is one of them.


What's in a name:

When I started Quake my name was YO'MAMA(OFA). YO'MAMA for no particular reason and (OFA) was for Old Farts Association, everyone called me MAMA for short. One night when I went into Sidehill Salmon, a friend of mine, COUGAR(MING), said to the other players as I was joining the game, "Uh oh guys look out, MAMA*The*Man*Slayer has arrived, you're all dead now". I liked the way that sounded so I changed my name. On my birthday, Breeze and g00sie dedicated the song "Killer Queen" to me, so I changed my name for that day and it kinda stuck. The same night I changed my name to Killer*Queen, some of my fellow fraggers and friends changed thier names to different Killer names also and that is how the Killer Collective started.

Age: 22 And Holding........

Game types played: FFA Rail Only, BFG, Freeze Tag, CTF