What's in a name

I have been playing Quake a long time. Several friends at work got me started with the original Doom. It was not long after the release of Doom 2 that we were death matching on the LAN at work. I have been through all three iterations of Quake. During Q2 my favorite game was a mod called Q2 Expert CTF. I moved on to Q3 because people quit logging into the Expert CTF servers I played under the name The Fat Kid for a long time. The name must have offended a ref on a server I liked to play because I always got kicked. Changed my name to Kevlar and never got kicked again. I chose that name because it sounded like a good Quake name.

Age: Kevlar has made the trip around the sun 47 times

Game Types Played: Right now Iím having fun playing Rail Freeze Tag but also like playing CTF, & BFG