AKA: g00sie{HGS}



What's in a name:

OK here is how I got my name..Been playin quake 2 for a few years and had 4 or 5 names lol G00sie started out as Goosie Lucy(don't ask me why cept the female skins where smaller and faster then there male counterparts)Anyway I dropped the lucy part for q3..was gonna change it again and Breeze's son said why do u want to change it(as I had used just Goosie for quite a while in q2)so I decided to keep just Goosie but I changed the oo to 00 cause it looked better........There ya go, the way I got my was also Riddim, and Onamoussey

g00sie :)

AGE: 53

Game Types Played: FFA Rail Only