About Us

Founder/Leader: Killer*Queen

Date Started: March 13, 2001 Membership: Invitation Only

The Collective

A collective... A group of individuals acting together as one.

We are a mature group of friends that have been playing together for a long time. We all have one thing in common, we enjoy gaming, clean competition, and fun. Some of us come to the arena to relax, some for refuge, some for the company, some just for the sheer pleasure of fragging, some come for all of the above. Whatever the reason, we know we will be with friends.

We play mostly at the "Killer*FreezeTag" server, now known as The*Mysyery*Machine. We like to sneak up and Freeze our opponents, however we have been known to pick up a stray BFG, or chase down a flag, sometimes we like to have the Railgun in hand and Hook ready, or go oneon one. Clan battles aren't really our thing, but we have played some friendly matches with others.

Friendship, respect, and courtesy is what Killer is all about.